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Tilting Gravity Casting

Low Pressure  Technology

At SSW, the alloy wheels are casted using the Tilting Gravity Casting Technology and Low Pressure Technology. These latest technologies result in better control during pouring, giving stronger and tougher wheels with reduced rejection rate. It also allows the casting of larger wheels of up to 26 inches with more complicated designs.


We work closely with SIMTech, a subsidiary of A*STAR, on a technical collaborations to develop unique wheel production techniques. These technologies also mean a  more efficient management of aluminum usage and mass production contributing to better process.


The plant is equipped with a full-capacity 11 complete machining line capable of handling precision and high tolerance requirement. The machining line consists of high speed computer numerical control (turning machines and machining centre.

Latest Fully Automatic Paint Facility

The fully automated state-of-art paint line cum surface preparation facility includes cleanliness control equipment, dust free spraying boothes and waste management system. The painting infrastructure consists of  surface pre-treatment chrome-free line, powder coating line, colour painting line and clear coat line.

Test Facility: Quality Assurance

To bring its commitment towards excellence on the production of high quality alloy wheels, SSW adheres to strict quality control procedures at each and every production step in accordance with international manufacturing quality standards. Right from Raw Materials quality inspection with Optical Emission Spectrometer and Tensile strength Test,  SSW comprehensive quality control programs includes technologically advanced laboratory test i.e. cornering fatigue testing, impact resistance testing (13/30 degrees), Dynamic Radial Endurance as well as 100% In-process quality control on wheel balancing, run out, bead gauge and porosity test for air leakage.